The Rise of PropTech Companies in Indonesia

In the past 10 years, Indonesia has experienced advanced technology innovation that creates business disruption. New businesses emerge to provide simpler solutions using technology, which gradually change consumer behavior. As a result, this phenomenon forces conventional businesses to adopt new strategies so they can continue to cater to the consumer’s demand. 

The trend to adopt digitally-enabled services and products is supported by the internet penetration that is relatively high in Indonesia. Internetworldstats estimates that 76.8% of Indonesia’s total population of 276.3 million people are internet users in March 2021. This means, there are approximately 212.35 million people who utilize the internet in their daily life.

The Internet has created disruptions that affects almost all business sectors as it leads consumers to change their behavior in using products or services. Nowadays, consumers tend to seek effortless alternatives using the internet in all aspects of their life. From ordering food to buying a property, it all now can be accessed through a smartphone or computer.

Proptech companies in Indonesia

Businesses that are established thanks to the technology disruption in the property sector are also called property technology (proptech). These companies offer the ease of accessing information and services related to property just at the tip of consumers’ fingers. 

In Indonesia, the proptech companies are currently increasing due to the rising market demand. The range of services that proptech companies provide are also varied, from marketplace for houses to property management services. During the pandemic, proptech companies are said to help support the property sector to survive as consumers now prefer to do anything online or virtually.

Here are 5 leading proptech companies in Indonesia:

1. Rukita

Rukita is a proptech company that provides property management services through hassle-free housing solution. The company offers solutions both for landlords and tenants. For landlords, Rukita helps them to generate passive income from their idle properties. Meanwhile for the tenants, the company provides decent housing alternatives with affordable and flexible cost.

Rukita was established in April 2019. It focuses on building community, as well as providing convenience and positive experience for all of the people who live in its units. Customers can book a room for a minimum 1-month stay via the website and app. Rukita’s units are currently available in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, and soon in 7 other cities in Indonesia.

Currently, there are around 1,800 people who reside in Rukita’s units. As it focuses on community building, Rukita regularly holds networking sessions for its tenants so they can gain new friends while living in the co-living space. Besides, Rukita also offers sport class and various discounts on its affiliated merchants to each member.

Understand that nowadays people tend to rely on their budget for almost everything, Rukita provides high-speed internet connection in each co-living space. So the tenants need not worry if they need to work from home. Another public facility in Rukita’s co-living space is a communal kitchen so the residents can cook their favorite dishes and CCTV in public areas to ensure their safety. The residents can also enjoy laundry and housekeeping facilities that are provided for free.

2. Rumah123.com

Rumah123 is a proptech company that provides property search engines on their platform. Since 2007, the company enables property agents or developers to put their ads on their platform. Meanwhile, customers can use the platform to browse properties, both residential and commercial, that are on sale or rent and find the best property that suits their needs. Rumah123 is a part of Singapore’s 99 Group.

3. PropertyInside.id

PropertyInside is a proptech company that serves as an online news channel about property. On its platform, the company provides the latest news and updates related to the property sector. Besides, the company also offers a service to create digital marketing tools for property assets. Some of the services are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Hologram Image, and TV commercials.

4. Gradana Indonesia

Gradana is a proptech and fintech company that focuses on property and real estate financing with peer-to-peer (P2P) lending schemes. Gradana’s portal enables the borrower to find lenders who will fund the down payment of their property. The company offers the property financing solution in the primary market from affiliated developers. With this scheme, the borrowers can buy a property and pay the down payment with installment up to 36 months. After that, the borrowers can shift the payment using the house ownership program (KPR) from commercial banks.

5. Pinhome

Pinhome is a proptech company that provides end-to-end solutions for property purchase and rental with agency model. The company will facilitate end-to-end property transactions with an online-to-offline (O2O) system. Pinhome also utilizes its platform as a property education portal, where the visitors can learn all things about property from the experts. The company also collaborates with the ride-hailing company Gojek to provide housekeeping services that can help the customers to clean and maintain their property, vehicles, or even electronic appliances.


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