·3 March 2020

Rukita x Greenhouse: Enjoy Special Discounts Only for Rukita Tenants and Greenhouse Members

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Rukita x Greenhouse: Enjoy Special Discounts Only for Rukita Tenants and Greenhouse Members

Get these perks by becoming a Greenhouse member or a Rukita tenant!

Good news for all Rukita Tribe members! You can now enjoy special perks in Greenhouse, the coolest and greenest co-working space in Jakarta.

diskon rukita x greenhouse

Source: greenhouse.co

Greenhouse has long been a favorite working spot for many remote workers, freelancers, and startup businesses.

True to its name, the co-working space also offers a green and lush decor as well as a breathtaking view from the 25th floor of Multivision Tower.

Greenhouse co-working space is open for public with a daily pass of Rp150.000. However, if you happen to be a Rukita Tribe member a.k.a. living in one of Rukita co-living units or Rukita apartments, you can enjoy a special discount for Greenhouse!

Greenhouse Discount for Rukita Tenants

Source: swa.co.id

If you are a Rukita tenant Rukita who wants to rent a working station in Greenhouse co-working house, you get a 20% discount from the daily fee of Rp150.000.

This discount is valid throughout the period of Rukita x Greenhouse partnership until February 1st, 2021.

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Rukita Discount for Greenhouse Members

diskon rukita greenhouse

Source: Dok. Rukita

What if you are not a Rukita tenant but you are listed as Greenhouse member?

Well, good news. This means you are eligible for a discount if you choose to rent a room in one of Rukita’s co-living units or apartments. The promo works as follow:

  • You need to be a member of Greenhouse
  • Get a cashback of Rp200.000 for a 1-month rent in Rukita
  • Get a cashback of Rp350.000 on the first month for a 3-months rent in Rukita
  • Get a cashback of Rp500.000 on the first month for a 6-months rent or more in Rukita

The promo is valid only for new tenants of Rukita who have never lived in any Rukita co-living locations previously.

How to Redeem the Discounts in Rukita and Greenhouse

Now that you’ve become a member of Rukita or Greenhouse, here’s how to redeem your promo.

Redeem your discount in Greenhouse co-working space

diskon rukita greenhouse

Source: greenhouse.co

If you are a Rukita tenant, to rent a working station in Greenhouse, you just need to come to Greenhouse and show the poster available on Rukita app.

That’s it! You’ll get your price cut right away. Easy, huh?

Redeem your discount for Rukita co-living

diskon rukita greenhouse

Source: Dok.Rukita

If you are a Greenhouse member who want to book a room in any Rukita units, here’s what you need to do:

  • Scan the QR code in Rukita voucher
  • You will then be connected with a Rukita Sales Team member
  • Show your Greenhouse ID card to redeem the cashback when you sign a contract with Rukita

If you’re still not convinced, head over to Rukita.co to check the list of locations for Rukita apartments and co-living units.

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