·11 March 2020

8 Serviced Apartments in Jakarta You Can Rent Monthly with Rukita

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8 Serviced Apartments in Jakarta You Can Rent Monthly with Rukita

Looking for an apartment in Jakarta that is affordable, comfortable, offers full service, and located in the city central? Look no further. Here you can take a peek on the finest living spaces brought to you by Rukita.

Searching for the right place to live in a new city could be challenging, we get it. You worry about the location, proximity to the office, not to mention furnishing the unit to your liking.

Plus, you can’t help but worry about the rent. Apartments in Jakarta are not that cheap if you choose to stay in the city center or around the business districts. This is on top the service charge, utility bills, laundry, housekeeping, parking, and so on. Whew! So many bills to take care of.

That’s why we can guarantee that you won’t be facing any of these problems if you choose to stay in one of Rukita’s apartments.

Why You Should Rent an Apartment with Rukita


If you choose to rent one of Rukita’s apartments, you don’t need to bother yourself with trivial matters such as furnishings and decorations. We got you covered!

All you need to do is simply bring your luggage to our fully furnished unit with modern minimalistic design and high-quality furniture, and start experiencing a comfortable, hassle-free living.

One bill for all

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance fee or sinking fund either. Utility bills, service charge, internet fee, and all other expenses are already included in your monthly bill. You literally need to pay only one bill for all.


Are you on a tight budget but still much prefer living in an apartment as opposed to a “kost”? Rukita is also the answer.

With us, you can rent just one bedroom and share the apartment unit with a co-living partner. You will still have access to the entire apartment unit and the building facilities, but you pay a much lower price than if you book the whole apartment to yourself (which you can still do with Rukita, by the way).

Don’t worry, we’ll find the right co-living partner for you so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary roommate drama. We aim to please you.

Rent apartment monthly

Like anywhere else in the world, most apartment rental requires you to commit to a one year or at least 6 months rent where you pay everything upfront.

This makes it a bit difficult financially, even if the monthly rent is actually within your budget. Moreover, it doesn’t give you any flexibility especially if you’re not yet sure whether you’re going to stay in Jakarta for the next one year.

With Rukita, the minimum rental period for the apartments is one month. Of course this means you can pay monthly as well.


One more perk of living in any apartments managed by Rukita is our free maintenance and housekeeping service.

Yep, you read that right. We have a cleaning service team to do your laundry and clean the house, and another team to perform maintenance whenever needed. All without any extra cost!

Are you sold yet?

Which Apartments in Jakarta Can I Rent with Rukita?

Rukita manages a wide range of apartments to suit your budget and your location of choice. Check the list below and see if your favorite apartment is included.

1. Kebagusan City

rukita apartments

Rukita Kebagusan City

Working in Cilandak or Fatmawati area? Kebagusan City apartment is the right pick for you. From this building, you can reach many notable office buildings and the MRT station for under 15 minutes.

You’ll also be able to enjoy various public facilities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, gym, playground, and access ATM machine in the same building.

Book Rukita Kebagusan City here.

Price: Starting from 4,5 million/month

2. Thamrin Residence

rukita apartments

Rukita Thamrin Residence

For those of you who are interested to live right in the heart of Jakarta, Thamrin Residence is a perfect choice.

Located not far from Bundaran HI, this apartment gives you an easy access office districts in Sudirman-Thamrin area with TransJakarta or MRT, both within walking distance. Two of Jakarta’s biggest malls, Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia, are also in the neighborhood.

If you’re a fan of sports, Thamrin Residence has various sport facilities. You’ll be able to enjoy a jogging track, swimming pool, tennis court, and basketball court in the building.

Other public facilities that you can use include a minimarket, various restaurants, and shops to visit whenever you want without having to step out of the building.

Book Rukita Thamrin Residence here

Price: Starting from 6,9 million/month

3. Sahid Sudirman

rukita apartments

Rukita Sahid Sudirman

Located right behind Mid Plaza Building and surrounded by various office buildings around Sudirman, Sahid Sudirman offers you a chance to walk to your office in Sudirman-Thamrin area while enjoying the morning breeze.

You can also reach MRT Station Setiabudi Astra and Citywalk Sudirman by foot, and Sahid Sahirman Hospital is right across the street.

Living in Sahid Sudirman means you are able to enjoy public facilities such as the swimming pool and have your own parking space.

Book Rukita Sahid Sudirman here

Price: Starting from 7 million/month

4. Ciputra World

rukita apartments

Rukita Ciputra World

Located near Mega Kuningan and in the same complex as Lotte Shopping Avenue, working and living with style is no longer impossible to achieve. All places for work and play are within walking distance, what more do you want?

Being one of the new apartment in Jakarta, you’ll get a new, modern room to enjoy for yourself or with your roommate, and a spacious bedroom to rest in after a long day of work.

As a tenant in Rukita Ciputra World, you have access public facilities such as swimming pool, gym, basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, and a BBQ Area. This particular apartment is perfect for a little family.

Book Rukita Ciputra World here.

Price: Starting from 11 million/month

5. Bellagio Residence

Rukita Bellagio Residence

If you want to live near Mega Kuningan but Ciputra World is too pricey for you, Bellagio Residence is the alternative.

Bellagio Residence is located in the same building complex with Bellagio Boutique Mall. Therefore, you can eat, shop, and get other necessities without having to go far from your living space.

The building is completed with a modern design, and you also have access to public facilities such as basketball court, gym, and a swimming pool to use.

Book Rukita Bellagio Residence here.

Price: Starting from 8,750 million/month

6. Taman Rasuna

Rukita Taman Rasuna

If you’re looking for an apartment in Kuningan but closer to Menteng and Central Jakarta, look no further than Taman Rasuna.

Living here means you are living near the hottest restaurants, bars, and cafe. Going out for a hangout is no longer a hassle since you don’t have to face the traffic jam– you can simply ride an ojek or even walk.

Within the apartment building, you also get to enjoy public facilities such as swimming pool, basketball court, and gym.

Book Rukita Taman Rasuna here.

Price: Starting from 4,499 million/month

7. Menteng Square

Rukita Menteng Square

Is it even possible to rent an apartment in Central Jakarta without spending more than 3 million per month?

Of course! If you rent Menteng Square Apartment with Rukita, that is.

Located in Central Jakarta, Menteng Square has a really affordable rent with all the same benefits you can get as a Rukita tenant.

You also get to enjoy convenient facilities such as a swimming pool, badminton field, children’s playground, food court, and mini market, all within the apartment building.

Book Rukita Menteng Square here.

Price: Starting from 2,999 million/month

8. Royal Olives

Rukita Royal Olives

Located in Pejaten and surrounded by many office buildings, living in Royal Olives would immediately ease your life if you work in South Jakarta.

Aside from the spacious apartment unit with a modern design, you also get to enjoy public facilities like the swimming pool and have your own parking space in this apartment.

Book Rukita Royal Olive Residence here.

Price: Starting from 4,350 million/month

That concludes our description of Rukita apartments that are available for rent in the Jakarta area. If you are interested, you don’t need to go further. Simply click on the provided link to book your room now.

If you still have doubts in your mind, you can drop your question in the comment section below. We’ll try our best to get back to you!

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