·29 November 2019

7 Best Listing Websites to Find Monthly Apartment Rentals in Jakarta

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7 Best Listing Websites to Find Monthly Apartment Rentals in Jakarta

Here are the best websites to help you find monthly apartment rentals in Jakarta.

Finding a perfect place to live in a new place is hard enough. Especially, if you don’t know the city and don’t have anyone to give you some clues.

Many expatriates chose an apartment as their home in Jakarta. Besides the obvious perks such as facilities and amenities, apartment buildings are normally located in the city center near business districts.

That’s a must-have requirement if you don’t want a daily struggle against the infamous Jakarta traffic jam.

monthly apartments in jakarta

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However, finding the right apartment as your new home in Jakarta is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are new to the city or if you are looking to rent on a monthly basis instead of yearly.

Listing websites to find a monthly apartment rent in Jakarta

One of the best ways to find your next home is by searching on the internet. Most apartment listing websites show only apartments where you have to rent for a minimum of one year and pay everything in advance.

However, if you want to have a more flexible option that allows you to rent and pay monthly, these websites can be your go-to listings:

1. Flokq

monthly apartments in jakarta


Flokq offers co-living apartments in many areas in Jakarta.

Flokq offers affordable apartments that come with full service where you can pay the rental fee monthly.

monthly apartments in jakarta


If you are unsatisfied with the apartment you’ve book with Flokq, you can change to another unit at Flokq every 3 months.

2. Nestpick

monthly apartments in jakarta


Nestpick is an apartment marketplace to find mid to long term apartment rentals. You can easily rent any apartments in any regions of Jakarta.

All of the apartments that are listed on Nestpick have a one-month minimum rent. They provide various apartments from every corner in Jakarta, such as Senopati, Kelapa Gading, and Grogol.

Nestpick also has mobile app that can make it easier to find your next apartment.

3. Lamudi

monthly apartments in jakarta


Lamudi is well-known as a marketplace to sell and buy properties. You can also find apartments that are available for a monthly rent in this website, not only for Jakarta but also in other cities.

You can easily find an apartment to be rented on Lamudi’s website or mobile app.

4. Airbnb

monthly apartments in jakarta


A very famous holiday rental provider, AirBnb also allow users to book specifically for long-term rentals. You can rent an apartment from 28-days to six months on the Airbnb website and mobile app.

Fully furnished and well-designed apartments can be rented monthly at a reasonable price. Typically, all costs included electricity bills and utilities, and you can pay through Airbnb’s online payment portal monthly.

5. Expat

monthly apartments in jakarta


If you need general information about Jakarta, you can go to this website. Expat.com is a comprehensive website featuring information about a city and the list of apartments for rent that are recommended for expats in that city.

This apartment marketplace offers a variety of apartments in Jakarta. From a very simple studio apartment to a very well-equipped 3BR apartment, just simply filter and set the budget according to your needs.

6. Jendela360

monthly apartments in jakarta


Jendela360 is a unique website to find a monthly apartment rent in Jakarta. It utilizes a new technology to make the apartment rental process easier, faster, and more secure.

The listing only includes apartment units that has been already verified by Jendela360 team. You can find high-quality photos of the apartments and look into the rooms with a 360 virtual tour. It will absolutely save your time if you don’t have time for a viewing.

All of the apartments in Jendela360.com can be rented monthly, so you can find another one if you feel unsatisfied with the one you have booked.

7. Rukita

monthly apartments in jakarta

source: Rukita’s documentation

Rukita is the only hassle-free co-living provider in Jakarta.

All of the units listed on their website, both Rukita Co-Living Buildings and apartments, are managed by Rukita so you will be dealing with them from booking and all the way throughout your stay.

monthly apartments in jakarta

source: Rukita’s Unit

Besides letting you book and pay monthly, Rukita offers a hassle-free living experience. All the rooms are fully furnished and newly renovated with the latest design, and all the amenities such as AC, WiFi, and water heater are already installed.

Unlike other apartments where you have to pay maintenance, utilities, and other bills on top of the rent free, Rukita frees you up from this hassle and give you an all-inclusive bill. The price listed is the only price you need to pay per month.

Websites To Find Monthly Apartment

source: Rukita’s Unit

They also provide laundry, cleaning, and maintenance without additional fee. A Community Manager also present in all of their units, ready to help their tenants with any inquiries during their stay.

Websites To Find Monthly Apartment

source: Rukita’s Unit

With Rukita, you can also save money by renting only a bedroom in a shared co-living apartment units, althought you can also still rent the entire unit all for yourself.

Check www.rukita.co to see the list of apartments and co-living units available for rent.

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